Week 10 Solution

Were you able to figure out the clues to reveal the word that goes horizontally across the puzzle?

Week 10

Check out this crazy crossword to help Gwen reveal the hidden word!

Week 9 Solution

So how many ants showed up at Sani’s picnic? Did you figure out the pattern and solve the puzzle?

Week 9

Can you help Sani determine how many ants will show up at his summer picnic?

Week 8 Solution

Did you figure out the best place to beat the heat in NYC?

Week 8

Why do you think Aaliyah likes to go to the movies so much in the summer?

Week 7

Can you solve the puzzle and see what Connor’s favorite seafood is?

Week 6 Solution

Check here to see Pree’s idea of the best place to be in the summer!

Week 6

Help Pree figure out where to go on a hot summer day!