Questclub Classroom Edition

Real Learning. With Magic Inside.

Students work hard to solve tough challenges together!

Quest Club is the perfect way to bring collaborative problem solving to your students in a fun environment where it’s safe to struggle and try new skills

Product Info

Each Pack Contains

  • Classroom set of puzzle-solving tools and orientation materials to facilitate group work and collaborative learning
  • A copy of each puzzle for up to 24 students
  • Teacher's edition guide for each Quest, geared at leading students through the collaborative problem-solving process
  • Orientation videos to introduce the class to the fictional Silverquicken world
  • Teacher support through our instructor support center


Classroom Edition pricing

test a Quest (or two)

Get a taste of Silverquicken Quest Club in action! Download puzzles from two of our recent Quests for your aspiring Solver to try at home.


While searching for a mysterious intruder in the Silverquicken world, you and your friends are pulled through a strange portal into an alternate reality. You encounter giant spiders and other mythical beasts, and find that solving puzzles like these may be your only way out!


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Download Puzzle Sample Pack