Our Silverquicken club programs make extending the school day seriously fun.

the best of gifted education

made accessible for all

Built by education experts with decades of experience, Silverquicken Afterschool provides a way to deliver the best aspects of “gifted education” to any student.

Designed to be cool, creative, challenging, and community-building, Silverquicken Afterschool re-ignites joy and engagement in learning for its own sake.

what to expect from Silverquicken Afterschool

a magical world

Afterschool activities and learning take place within the context of the magical Silverquicken world, building off of the compelling stories, characters, and mysteries that provide the foundation for all Silverquicken experiences.

rigorous hands-on activities

Students break open wax-sealed letters to launch into escape room-style experiences where they may need to make their own cipher wheels or decode hidden messages. Club leaders encourage productive struggle to build mental stamina and confidence.

the power of puzzles

Silverquicken puzzles provide fun opportunities to apply essential critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students practice the scientific method, analytical reasoning, effective brainstorming techniques, and developing a growth mindset— while having so much fun they don't realize they're learning.

team is dream

Like the Silverquicken characters, problems are best tackled together, and every student has something to contribute. Silverquicken Afterschool provides a positive environment for students to practice their leadership, teamwork, and community-building skills.

Flexible Implementation Options

Programs are typically run once a week for 6-10 weeks, with each session designed to last 60-75 minutes. We are able to adjust as needed to meet your specific needs, however, including programs that cover a complete academic year. We can either provide our own teachers or train and pay yours, as long as they are eager to bring “Serious Fun & Games” and “The Power of Puzzles” to kids after school.

Start a Silverquicken Club in Your School

Connect with our team today to discover how you can get make the magic of Silverquicken happen in your afterschool club, school, or classroom.