6-Quest Classroom Pack

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The Classroom Edition provides up to 24 students with six (6) adventure stories where they must help the fictional Silverquicken students solve mysteries, decode ciphers, and crack codes to keep the world safe from danger!

Teachers receive the classroom Box of Wonders in the mail and a few orientation links via email. These materials contain welcome and orientation information to help students understand the fictional world of Silverquicken, and to get them ready to solve puzzles. After finding a few hidden messages and solving the introductory puzzles in the Box of Wonders, students receive a membership card and are officially part of the Quest Club!

Then, with 6 sets of all puzzle-solving tools (e.g., cipher wheels, decoders), teachers can break the class into smaller teams to tackle each Quest. With a short adventure story (which can be read or listened to via audio links), students are introduced to the Quest’s mission, and then they’re on their way to solve the mystery!

Each Quest takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and they can be broken out over several class periods if necessary. Your classroom kit will be shipped within two weeks of purchase.