Silverquicken Quest Party


If your child enjoys escape rooms, games, and solving mysteries with friends, their next party should be a Silverquicken Solvers party! Currently available online, these 1 hour and 15-minute parties are packed with fun activities that will have your child and their friends decoding ciphers, solving puzzles, and working together to escape from (fictional) dangers!

Best ages for Silverquicken parties are from 9-12, but you know your child best, so if they’re older or younger, that’s OK too! Available for up to 12 kids, we can schedule around your availability. Most weekend times and limited weekday evenings are available. All participants will receive a welcome letter with a puzzle in the mail, and optional gift bags can be purchased and sent to participants.

For the best chance of securing your desired date and time it’s best to schedule at least 2 weeks in advance.

Let us know If there are any participants that should get special recognition, such as a child celebrating their birthday.
Parties of more than 12 participants may require additional fees.
(All times Eastern)