Silverquicken Quest Club 3 Month Gift Membership


Silverquicken Quest Club provides members with hands-on materials kits and new “quests” for them to solve every month.

The Quest Club welcome kit arrives in the first month of the membership. The kit contains high-quality materials and supplies that will orient members to Silverquicken and provide key resources they’ll need in order to solve each monthly quest.

Each month members will receive a package that contains a brand new adventure! A set of wax-sealed packages will lead them from clue to clue on their quest to solve each month’s mystery.

Whether it’s helping the Silverquicken characters break out of the locked-down library, driving a mortal threat out of the Silverquicken world, or preventing aquatic monsters from destroying an underwater village, members must solve multiple puzzles and apply new learning to save the day—and keep the world safe!

You’ll receive your Box of Wonders within 2 weeks of purchase. Each month’s Quest ships on the 7th of the month.

Please enter the email address of the parent or guardian of the child receiving the gift membership. (If that’s you, please enter your own email address here.)