New Silverquicken Solvers Club at CES – Spring 2023


Can’t get enough ciphers, mazes, puzzles, and escape rooms? Then this club is for you! Join us for NEW mysteries, puzzles, and games. Again, you’ll explore the story of ten special (fictional) kids from across the country who, like you, need to decode ciphers, put clues together, and solve puzzles to keep the world safe. This session’s puzzles and stories will engage new Solvers and expand on lessons from our first session. Returning Solvers will also get to develop their leadership and teamwork skills by encouraging new friends with clues, hints, and ideas to enhance skills they learned previously. And everyone will enjoy the new games and activities like the “Mount Player” game and hatching Amorpheggs!

Led by CES staff member Tori Milner, the spring Solvers Club is a 6-week class that will run Thursday afternoons from April 27th through June 1st. It’s perfect for students new to the program and for those returning for the second or even the third time!



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