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At Silverquicken, learning doesn’t stop just because classes are over for the summer! However, stretching your brain doesn’t always need to feel like school. Sometimes it can be just plain fun! That’s why we’re launching our Summer Puzzle series, where we release a different cipher, code, logic, or other puzzle each week for 10 weeks. Each one will be introduced by one of our Silverquicken characters — fictional kids who attend the secret Silverquicken School, a virtual school where technology is like magic and kids become superheroes!

You and your child(ren) can solve them, either individually or together. We’re at if you need hints along the way! Once you complete them, submit your solutions to us and enter to win fun prizes each week!

Weekly Puzzles

Week 10 Solution

Were you able to figure out the clues to reveal the word that goes horizontally across the puzzle?

Week 10

Check out this crazy crossword to help Gwen reveal the hidden word!

Week 9 Solution

So how many ants showed up at Sani’s picnic? Did you figure out the pattern and solve the puzzle?

Week 9

Can you help Sani determine how many ants will show up at his summer picnic?

Week 8

Why do you think Aaliyah likes to go to the movies so much in the summer?

Week 7

Can you solve the puzzle and see what Connor’s favorite seafood is?

I really liked Silverquicken. It made me feel like I was a detective solving puzzles, just like Sherlock Holmes.
Mikey, age 10
The story is hitting all the right buttons for her: magic, friendship, puzzles, intrigue...and I love that it's introducing her to so many interesting concepts in a low-pressure way.
Aurelia's mom
Silverquicken is a unique educational program that is geared to excite kids and push their problem solving and creative thinking skills.
Doug Norry, Head of School at Triangle Day School
“He came home very excited about figuring out the puzzle on the bookmark!”
Ethan’s mom
“Will you be sure to tell my mom when the Silverquicken book comes out, because I want to read it!”
- Daphne, age 9
“He came home very excited about figuring out the puzzle on the bookmark!”
Ethan’s mom