Silverquicken @NAGC

National Association for Gifted Children | November 9-12, 2023

Puzzles, Games, and Stories Can Transform Your Classroom

Want your students to learn creativity, problem solving, and teamwork? 

Come by Booth 521 to learn all about Silverquicken.

Join us for one or all three of our presentations:

When Smart Kids Get Stuck” (Teamwork)

Puzzlemania” (Problem Solving)

The Dream Trampoline” (Creativity)

Come connect with us (and each other) at NAGC! Stop by Booth 521 when you arrive and get a Silverquicken puzzle piece. Find other attendees who have the same symbol on their puzzle, snap a pic, and win prizes!

Our Sessions

11/10 • 8:00 - 9:00 am ET

When Smart Kids Get Stuck: Supporting Productive Struggle Through Affective Curriculum

Location: Fiesta 7/8

How can we help gifted children, who sometimes avoid challenges, develop capacity for resilient, productive struggle? One answer is “team-roles” self-reflection, whereby gifted children learn about complementary roles on effective teams and reflect on their own contributions to group problem-solving. In this session, we examine research-based strategies that have been implemented successfully in after-school programs.

11/11 • 9:15 - 10:15 am ET

Puzzlemania! (Exhibitor Workshop)

Location: Cancun

In a wide world of resources, it can be difficult to find just the right activity to provide you with the best glimpse of what learners are capable of. Join us for a session jam-packed with puzzles that are not only sure to delight your students, but really get them thinking in new ways. In this workshop, educators, gifted coordinators, and other school leaders will learn effective strategies for using puzzles both as enrichment and to support equitable Talent Identification efforts. Siliverquicken Education is building spaces in schools and communities where students come together to learn for learning’s sake. Our complex and engaging puzzles aim to support the intrinsic motivation that powers real, long-lasting learning for all kids

11/11 • 3:45 - 4:45 pm ET

The Dream Trampoline: Strategies for Fostering Creative Thinking

Location: Monterey 1

How do we foster creative thinking in our gifted children in both a guided and flexible way? “Dream Trampoline” processes provide both structure and free exploration. In this session, we examine and discuss engaging research-based strategies and activities that unlock opportunities for creative thinking and that have been implemented successfully with gifted children in after-school programs.
• Learning Objectives:
• Identify particular challenges around fostering creative thinking in gifted children
• Recognize important characteristics of effective “Dream Trampoline” activities
• Identify ways to incorporate “Dream Trampoline” activities into their own practice

7 Secrets to Using Great Puzzles in the Classroom or at Home

12 Great Puzzles You Can Use Next Week

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